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Sex Over 50

Sex Over 50
Sex Over 50 Sex Over 50


Sex Over 50 by Joel D. Block, Pd.D., with Susan Crain Bakos. Forget everything you think you know about sex and get ready for the best sex of your life! You are on the threshold of a richer, more deeply fulfilling sex life than you’ve ever enjoyed--or even imagined-- before. In fact, your sexual peak may be just beginning.

Sex Over 50 is a collection of hundreds of sizzling secrets that will help you turn your deepest sexual desires into realities.

Discover the erotic secrets of Sex Over 50 and start enjoying sex that is more emotionally satisfying and physically thrilling than you’ve ever experienced!

Rediscover the joys of flirting. Engage in hotter loveplay. Enjoy peak sexual energy. Discover your unlimited potential for orgasm. Revel in the power of sexual fantasy. Stretch your sexual boundaries. Get in sexual sync with your partner. Overcome inhibitions. Build sexual self-esteem. Keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Also includes information on hormones and Viagra. 
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