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The Art of Lap Dancing

The Art of Lap Dancing
The Art of Lap Dancing The Art of Lap Dancing


Whoever said that getting in shape isn't fun for women and their guys! It absolutely is, with the sexy new dance craze that's sweeping the nation: lap dancing. These 35 professionally choreographed moves all illustrated, and accompanied by fitness tips, style and fashion hints, and more cool stuff certainly qualify as exercise with benefits. Everyone can do it, so unleash your super-sexy lap-dancing alter ego on an unsuspecting world, and flaunt it like you've never flaunted it before.  The pictured Peekaboo girls will teach you everything about making an unforgettable entrance, getting a kinky kick start, striking a provocative pose, moving your hips in a figure eight and grinding it down to the ground, and being the breast in show.  It's everything you need to sculpt your bod' and tease your man, too! 
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