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The Cookie Sutra

The Cookie Sutra
The Cookie Sutra The Cookie Sutra

 The Cookie Sutra, translated by Edward Jaye. Rarely before have food and love, two of life’s greatest pleasures, been so artfully combined. This ancient treatise is a recipe for bliss. From "preparing the body, pre-heating the oven" to its portfolio of postures, The Cookie Sutra will stimulate the imagination, stir the senses, and inflame the appetite. There is The First Posture, tried-and-true as milk and cookies. The Pair of Tongs reflecting an accepted sweet truth - everything is better with a little something on top. The Snake Trap, in which two become as one (yet the calorie count remains unchanged). And for the daring: Autumn Dog, The Wheelbarrow, The Suspended Congress, Bending the Bow. But, those no longer considered fresh-baked should take great care, lest cookies crumble.

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